NEED clear finger nail polish

Considering I grew up in Alabama and lived in Mississippi for a decade, I shouldn't judge a place just because it has a reputation for being "countrified." But, come on! When you journey to a place called "Hazard" and you (as I did) grew up watching the TV show, "Dukes of Hazard", well, what could I do? Was it my fault Waylon Jennings' "Good 'Ol Boys" song kept playing through my head all week? Was it my fault my sister entered-and won, mind you-the Daisy Duke look alike contest back when the General Lee made an appearance at the local car show when I was a kid? How could I not make some crack about it when I had obviously been steeped in the culture of Hill Billy-ness?

Then there is the reality of Hazard. I stayed at a Hampton Inn that had pillows TO DIE FOR!! Friday night I was ushered to the middle of nowhere (a.k.a. my New dream home) in the country where there was a log cabin which was-get this-on the national historic register. Two log cabins had been restored, joined together, and furnished in "Little House on the Prairie" style. It was gorgeous. I stopped thinking of Bo and Luke and began thining of Laura and Mary! We ate barbecue ribs and pork (grilled chicken for the less authentic folk) with all the fixin's. And could it get any better than that? Yes, it could. A bluegrass band entertained us from the front porch of the cabin. The back porch (which was screened-in, of course) wasn't quite big enough for the band AND the ice tea pitchers. I'm telling you, it was a treat.

Hazard knows about culture. The band was from the local community college. Yes, you can go to school and learn to play Bluegrass music. I LOVE KENTUCKY!! Check them out at They also said they had a My Space, but I haven't looked that up yet. Be assured. When I find it, I'm going to friend them. And one of these days or years I'm going to have a big book party. I'm going to see if the Morton family will let me use their National Historic Registered log cabin. I'm going to hire the Kentucky School of Bluegrass to come play. I'm going to spray the grass for chiggars. And we're going to have a hoedown. You're invited.