Hello! I'm trying out this-what is this thing to the left? It's not a button. When I looked at the-whatever it is in the file, it was a BMP something which is different from a JPG. I have tried my hand at HTML and sported a bruise on my forehead for a few days afterward from beating my head against the computer screen. I have one of those big ol' thick screens at home that weighs, like, a thousand pounds so it was sturdy enough to take my frustrations. I don't know what the heck any of these computer terms mean except sometimes they cause me major headaches (even without the head beating) because I don't know what I'm doing here. I call the resident computer expert in the family and ask him. He can help me to a point, but he tends to get frustrated because the terms I use (thingy, whatchamallcallit, doohiggy) are not official computer jargon. Our calls usually include a lot of sighing on his part as well as "Well, just read me what it says on the screen!" and usually end with, "Stop crying! I'll look at it when I get home!" But I know so much more now than I did in January. Do you see all the cool things I have (tastefully) added to the side of my blog? I can even figure out how to pimp my My Space (wish they had another term for that. It sounds so...indecent.)

And now look what I can do!! I figured out how to put pictures in somewhere else besides the top-wow!

My plan is to post something every day this week in celebration of The Jinx's release Friday, so check in with me. Wednesday I'll be in the Latte Lounge (6:30 p.m. Eastern). On that day, you'll see a crazy leaf slideshow here on my blog which is part of the contest I'm having. The theme for the all day chat is "Fall into a Good Book" and all of the authors in the Latte Lounge will be giving away prizes, talking about their books, etc. It all seems very big time to me, but I'll play along, with the big girls and act like I fit in and that this all isn't some fabulous dream that I hope I don't wake up from. Tomorrow I'll share some of my experiences in Hazard, so come on back!

And below is a banner (I think it's called that. That's what I'LL call it anyway) for Wild Rose Press, my publisher. This is where you'll have to go to buy the digital release. They make it easy for you. And I want to make it easy for you, too, by putting a link on this blog Friday which will take you to Wild Rose Press' website. You'll have to register, but, again, they make it easy because they want your money AND they want you to discover some of the great stories they're putting out right now. And I'm not just saying that because one of those stories happens to be MINE.