Packing Light

I'm on my way out of town to go to Hazard, Kentucky for a conference. I will be gone tonight and return tomorrow night, so basically one change of clothes, right? All I REALLY need is a small duffel. But I've got this thing about choices. I like to have them. If I just pack one outfit, one pair of pjs, etc, what if I wake up in the morning and I'm missing a button? Shall I pack a little sewing kit, too? What if at breakfast I spill grape jelly on my shirt? Must I go through the day with the equivelent of a sign saying "I NEED A BIB!" So, I think I really need at least two changes of clothes. And I have my all time favorite bra which is purple. I can't wear purple under the white shirt I'm wearing right now!! So, I must pack the purple bra.

And shoes. Well, are shoes an issue for anyone else? Is it possible, conceivable even, to leave the house for overnight with less than three pair? I mean, I've got these great leather sandals, but if they start to rub, I might need to change to the butterfly sandals though they have that stain on them...And if I decide to exercise-there IS an exercise room in the hotel after all. Hmmm, I better pack a T-shirt and sweats. Just in case.

Pills. I'm not a sick person. But I do have allergies. Let me pack the claritin. The sudafed (the real kind that I have to sign for at the Pharmacy because I might take my one freakin' pack of sudafed and try to make something else out of it. This person who always offers scrambled eggs for breakfast because I can't fry one of those suckers without breaking the yoke.) And the other medicines need to be packed, too. Hairbrush and toothbrush. Although one time I did leave my toothbrush and a good friend of mine who used to work at a hotel advised me to ask for one at the desk. Oh, wow!! They had a toothbrush AND toothpaste. In fact, I think they even have a little sewing kit.

And if I pack these necessities in the duffel, I'll have to iron my clothes for tomorrow. I am betting on the hotel having an iron (yes, I have taken the iron before hotels started doing that), but I will need my water spray bottle I use instead of starch. I've ironed clothes without benefit of sprayed water or starch, and people, you're really just wasting your time.

So, I think I'm finally ready for my trip. I have my print-out from Mapquest, my duffel, and my purse.

Now, does anyone know where I put my Daisy Duke shorts? Cause I really want to fit in.