In case you didn't know, you're a loser!

This is one of my pet peeves. I am minding my own business opening a carton of some kid-related food (I don't want to name the food in case you might feel compelled to go buy it) when I read something like "Open here to see if you're a winner!" Wow. The promise of winning when I didn't even know I was playing! With great hope and expectation, I open the tab and read "Sorry. Play again."
As if! I didn't even knowingly enter this contest or play this game. All I did was get suckered into buying this food because my kid saw it 14 times while watching T.V. And yogurt is supposed to be healthy, right? Oops. I wasn't going to name the food, was I?
All I did was let some promise of winning something unknown catch my eye.
Only to find out I am a loser.
Well, thanks for that! No, I don't think I will play again.
But then they ask for yogurt, and I go to the store, and I open that carton, and maybe this time-this time-I won't be the loser.
"Sorry. Play again next time."