Seek And Ye Shall Find

I spent a good part of this week looking for lost cds. Yes. If you've read my previous Barry blog, you know I lost him. Well, I realized he wasn't alone. He was in my cd case with some other cds, including my ABBA cd. The search became even more frantic when I realized this. I determined the case must be in the "blue room." I call it the blue room because it has blue wallpaper. I should call it the junk room or the catch-all room because this is its purpose - so much so, that one could barely walk through it without risk.
Anyway, Adrianna (my daughter) and I spent most of Thursday cleaning that baby up. Two bags went to Salvation Army and one to the garbage. At the end of the day, still no cd case, but we had one room in a lot better shape than it was.
So, listening to a good tune seems to be good motivation for me to clean. Now that I think about it, listening to a good tune is good pastime while I'm cleaning as well.
Well, what do you know!
By the way, both Barry and Abba have been recovered. Excuse me. I have a date with Lola and the Dancing Queen.