My First Kiss

Ah, the sweet innocence of that first kiss. The boy in question was Stephen Woodward. The place? Loony's Skating Rink. I was in the fifth grade. I think back on this because my son was invited to a skating party last Saturday. I watched as he and my daughter held on to the rail as they stumbled and rolled all the way around the rink. The mother of the birthday girl skated by me gracefully and yelled, "Aren't you going to skate? It's free!" There was the magic word- because, honestly, I wasn't going to pay six bucks to fall repeatedly on my bootie. But for free? Yeah, I'd fall on my tush for that price. On the skates went. And even with a six year old holding on for dear life to my arm, I didn't fall once! Wow. Perhaps it is true with skating as well as riding a bike-you never forget how to do it.
The only thing that would have made it perfect is if they could have played some of those seventies classics instead of that crap which was blaring over the loud speakers. I wonder if they have an old fogey night. I just might have to go if they would just please, please, please play the Village People.