I was trying to find a picture to fit my mood. I came across this one, sent to me by my good friend Stewart. The picture is symbolic of the tragedy that can befall one when their vision of greatness is impeded by reality (and, perhaps, gravity). Still. It's funny, in an "America's Funniest Videos" kind of way. Ha, ha! Look at that man fall off the roof. Bob Saget, you crack me up with your quips.

I was really sick last night, but managed to make two meetings so I could spread my germs efficiently. It is probably not swine flu, as I have not been to Mexico or kissed any pigs lately.

My fever is down and I think I'm going to live-yay! I like to take my temperature when I feel bad. This way I know how sorry to feel for myself and how much pity I can solicit from friends and family. True pity is sometimes a rare thing around here, as there is a certain person who might take an aspirin if an arm is severed. Obviously, this person has a very high pain tolerance, and little patience for those of us who like to milk our sicknesses for every sympathetic drop we can possibly manage. What's a gal to do?

Push the fluids, take it easy, and blog about it. Your sympathetic comments are quite welcome.