2009 Donkey Derby!

Where I come from, we call countrified folk rednecks. But in Kentucky, countrified folks are called hillbillies. This isn't an insult necessarily. It just means you're more comfortable doing things like drinking beer from a bottle, driving your pick-up truck with the tailgate down, and using your front porch to display your favorite recliner or upright freezer (your choice). Missing permanent teeth is optional.

Also, partaking in something like the donkey derby SEEMS like it would be redneck/hillbilly.

And yet, what is this? A band? Without a banjo or lip harmonica?

A cow walking upright and wearing a shirt, no less?

A real trophy with engraved writing?

And these ladies look quite classy to me.

The goal of the riders is to actually ride one of the donkeys. I could write more about THIS picture, but I will restrain myself and tell you this man is trying to get on the donkey. He, like most of the other riders, spent most of the time running next to the poor animals trying to get on their backs and NOT on their...errrr...backsides on the ground.

This picture is a bit blurry because I was laughing so hard. But I think you can probably tell what is going on. What the heck is the deal with that chick-fil-a cow?! Can you believe it actually tried to ride one on the donkeys? How disturbing is that?

This was an event, a take-off (perhaps), of that OTHER Derby. The Donkey Derby raised money and collected food for River Cities Harvest, a local food pantry. We had fun AND we helped out some of our neighbors. And some of us bruised our backsides.

But the asses seemed okay, at least the ones pictured below.