Happy Birthday, Bud!!!

I am swamped with work, but I am taking moments here and there to put together a blog in honor of my brother, Bud.

Here are the kind of pants Bud likes to wear:

Here is a picture of Bud. I think he is wearing a mask, but it's hard to tell.

Since today is Bud's birthday, this is a great opportunity to reflect a bit on one's life and take stock. I will leave that to him. On this day, I will reflect on the great memories of all the adventures we had growing up.

1. The motorcycle incident. It was painful for me, but we realized that day pulling a wagon behind a motorcycle is probably not a good idea.

2. Smoking. "I never inhaled."

3. Something I remember saying to Bud: "You owe me five favors."

4. The rewritten version of "We Are the Champions". It included bathroom humor, so I won't go into more detail.

5. I stand by my story that I never sat one him and declared anything. But if I HAD done that, I am certain he deserved it and more.

6. Most notable incident I wasn't involved in: Breaking the other sister's nose twice by
(1) putting the massager up to it, and (2) closing the door on her face while she was in pursuit.

7. Who told?: Not me.

8. Cool toys Bud had that I wish we knew where they were now (my guess is the storage house in the back yard though):
a. Whirly-bird
b. Evil Knieval with motorcycle and the windy thing.
c. Animal Muppet puppet
d. Stretch Arm Strong

Have a great day!!

If you are visiting, please leave a comment of birthday greetings!