See what Happens When I Don't Get Enough Sleep?

Here's something kind of fun and stupid.

I put the video at the very top because if you scroll down on my blog, my playlist will start, and I hated for the Dave song to have to compete with another song I wanted to tell you about. If the song does start up automatically, just go to the right and click the pause button on the playlist. I'd hate for you not to hear the "Dave Song."

I've been told that the most common first name in the world is "Mohammed" and the most common last name in the world is "Lee". Ironically, I've never met anyone named "Mohammed Lee". Go figure.

As a person with both a common first and last name, at times I have wished to have some really unusual name so that I would never have to be known in class as "Jennifer J." or "No. The OTHER Jennifer J." probably get the picture.

Was I right about the Dave video? Fun and stupid? Let us hope the tune doesn't linger with you.

Years ago I discovered that my name is actually the title of a song. It was sung by Mac Davis and a few other folks. It was written - if you can believe it - by Shel Silverstein. I actually found it on my playlist - cool.

And while I was searching I even found an artist whose name is guess......Yep. Jennifer Johnson. Someone should start a club.