And Now for Something Completely Different

So Monty Python would use to transition from one bit to the next. Do you call it a bit? Clip? Act?


And Now for Something Completely Different.

My friend and author colleague Magdalena Scott posted a chicken salad recipe on her blog which looked rather interesting, so as we've gotten into the habit of doing, we discussed it back and forth in the comment section, and here's the link if you want to see Magdalena's HOT chicken salad recipe.

Magdalena's new book called Where Her Heart Is, published by Resplendence Publishing has been doing quite well on the Fictionwise website rating higher than some of the giants in the romance industry for sales. Way to go, Magdalena!! What I like about this book.

1. It is sweet, and you wouldn't be embarrassed for anyone to know you read it.
2. Magdalena did an awesome job capturing the essence of LizBeth Ann, a toddler in the story.
3. Mike builds the dream house. LOVE THIS. I love a man who will make my dream his reality.
4. Mike has a work ethic. ALSO love this. Hard work is very appealing to me. I think that is my puritan roots showing through.
5. Betsy. This is the main character's name. I noticed Magdalena uses "old fashioned" names, and I've thought about this. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the value of it is that you know this is going to be a clean read. Very smart, Magdalena. It also lends itself to being "any person", that these are people you may have even met.
6. World Created. Come on in. This story takes place in Legend, TN. Legend is a setting for several romance novels not only by Magdalena, but by several other Resplendence authors which include Maddie James, Jan Scarbrough, and Janet Eaves. They have a whole series called "The Ladies of Legend".. I own several of the Legend books and find it an enjoyable place to go.

And now for something completely different.
Sort of.
My OWN chicken Salad recipe

There's this place in town called Jack's South Ashland Market. They have awesome chicken salad. It is at 1920 29th Street close to the health department. Drive there. Tell them you want some chicken salad. You will have to give them money in exchange for the chicken salad.

What intrigues me about Jack's is the bulk of their business is providing food for the tugboats going back and forth on the Ohio and Big Sandy River, maybe even Little Sandy, too. I met this woman last year named Sally. I saw her just yesterday at a local restaurant. She was a cook on one of the boats. When I spoke to her, she completely didn't remember me, and expressed surprise that I remembered her name. I told her that her vocation had impressed me so much, I couldn't help but remember her. Alas, she is now a farmer and no longer spends weeks at a time going up and down the river cooking for boatmen. Still. I'd love to interview Sally and maybe use her cook job as the profession of a romantic heroine.

That was definitely something completely different, wasn't it?

And NOW for something completely different (and yet related to a much earlier topic). The Clergy Affair is still on the homepage at Fictionwise! I'm getting some sales there - #973 of over 11,000 romances overall. WOOOO HOOOO!!

So many things completely different. Where Her Heart Is, Chicken Salad, Sally, and Fictionwise.

And yet related.