President's Day

President's Day is a holiday. At least, it is supposed to be. Because of seven freakin' days of snow days, the school system decided to blow off the presidents and make the poor little kids go to school.
Problem: letting somebody know.
Oh, YAY! No school Monday. We can sleep in. We can wear pajamas all day. We can NOT have to be running out the door at 7:40 a.m. with me yelling, "Where's your backpack?", "Where's your coat?" "You're what? Overdue on your lunch money??"
It was such a lovely day until about 9:15 when the school called and asked where my kids were.
But...there's no school today. It's President's Day. You know. The day when about the presidents and wear pajamas and maybe even think about presidents wearing pajamas. MY KID CANNOT MESS UP HER PERFECT ATTENDANCE!!! SHE'S GOT PERFECT ATTENDANCE, AND NOW SHE DOESN'T BECAUSE YOU BONEHEADS CAN'T RESPECT THE DAY FOR PEOPLE TO STAY HOME ON A MONDAY TO THINK ABOUT THE PRESIDENTS.
MAN! I wish I had read the paper. How come everybody knew about this but me and one other family in the whole freakin' school??!!
So, I ended up in the principal's office Mr. Green.
Geez! Send a note home, why don't you.
We did-last Monday.
A week ago? You expect me to remember something I read seven days ago? How could you disrespect the presidents? Just because of some snow? Make them go to school in the summer, but don't take away a Monday off. Those Monday holidays are all that keep me going on the Monday work days. As I gasp for breath, I think (in a strangled tone) Or MLK....Or...Memorial Day...Or...Labor Day.

Did I learn a lesson? Yeah. Tell the principal to post it on the freakin' website the next time they decide to disrespect the Presidential office.