My NEW Best Friend

What I didn't know before I became a published author is that a lot of my job now (after becoming published) is publicizing myself. I believe I have lamented this fact before as I tend to be a wallflower, a Margaret Mitchell type-reclusive, holing oneself up in one's trendy studio apartment, you-never-see-me-except-for-when-my-book-is-made-into-a-movie-and-the-premiere-is-at-the-Fox and such. Okay, well, I'm not that bad, but the publicity thing is the least favorite of all of this because I don't know what I'm doing and I really do tend to be introverted no matter what you may think.

So, some other authors put me onto the company called "Vista Print", an internet printing company. They have really great prices on things like postcards, pens, magnets, etc. In fact, I've heard it on good authority sometimes you can get the items for free and only pay for shipping. Well cheap and free are two of my favorite words, so I tried out Vista Print. I found their website easy to maneuver and their "upload your own" picture (which would be, of course, my bookcover) and design your own...(most anything you can possibly imagine except pantyhose) not too difficult. I received my merchandise in a reasonable amount of time. It looked great. The price was good.

And now they bug the heck out of me via E-mail. "We love you, Jennifer!", "Thank you, Jennifer!", "Everything must go FREE, Jennifer", "You've been selected, Jennifer!" and such. Vista Print just loves me soooo much, and I've only ordered three things from them. But, oh boy, do they appreciate my business. Did I mention the email with the subject line, "You won't believe this"? Well, honestly, I don't. I cannot believe how desperate they seem to be.

If I send out multiple emails to anyone who has contacted me, would they be more likely to buy my book? Or would they stick me in the SPAM filter? I don't want to spam Vista exactly because as soon as I can decide on a domain name for my website, I definitely want to do more business with them. And if I can get my third book published. And if I can get a fourth book started...Well, it's sort of started. I think I have six pages. The characters aren't cooperating....But that's another story. Ha! That IS another story, isn't it?

Changing the subject here, my Aunt Edith (actually, she's an aunt-in-law) wrote a nice review on Amazon. How sweet! Now with my good friend Leslie and Aunt Edith, I have two reviews on my paperback book page. And, look! My sister-in-law Lisa wrote a good one, too! How wonderful! I have two reviews on my Kindle page also. Thanks to Leslie and another good friend Tara! My husband asked recently, "Has anyone written a review for you that you DON'T know?" Well, sure! I have the reviews from Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction, The Long and Short of It, and Simply Romance Reviews. All great! And I'm pretty sure I don't have any ties with the reviewers so, YAY!

Here is the link to Amazon. You can read those reviews there; and if you haven't gotten the book yet, order it! Aunt Edie wouldn't lie!

And what about this song? Did you ever think in any corner of the universe that Ricky Skaggs would sing "Superfreak"? Hilarious!!