The International Jinx

Months ago when The Jinx had an ISBN but still only existed in theory, I signed up for the service from Book Butler. Book Butler (or BB as I may affectionately call them) promised to let me know when and where they could find this wonderful book that I had been searching for. Yesterday they finally found out. Oh, boy, did they find it. I was thrilled to see The Jinx has gone global. Check out this link:

Book Butler

Yes! You can get The Jinx in China, France, Germany, the UK, and Canada! Is that cool or what?! I clicked on some of the places, and the title, my name, and the blurb are in English but the rest was not! My incredibly smart husband put me onto this website called Babelfish which will translate one language into another-even entire webpages (ain't this a great time to live in?!) so we tried it from German to English. Apparently, "Ellen" my heroine means "inches" in German. I'm not sure what the significance of that is, except COOL!! Bablefish translates languages!

While I've got your ear (or more accurately, your eyes), I'd like to thank you for coming to visit me here and journeying with me in being published. May you know the peace of Jesus Christ as we celebrate his birth. See this? { O } This is a hug from me to you. Not a creepy, yuck-I don't know you well enough for you to hug me-but a "you're all right" kind of hug. Let's go knock back some egg nog.