Two Words

In Stock.

Could it be true??!!

My friend Leslie just told me she pre-ordered The Jinx from The print book. The paperback-hold-it-in-your-hands book. What? How could she do that? So, I jumped over to Amazon to investigate.
Here's the link:

Is that not the coolest thing? And it says it is

In Stock.

My book is in stock!! It is taking up space somewhere. Where IS the Amazon warehouse anyway? I want to go there. I want to see the book. I want to hold it in my greedy hands. I want to hold it up and say, "SEE! It IS real! I really did do this great and wonderful thing, and Wild Rose Press let me!"

And not only that, but when I first looked, the book cover wasn't up. I expected that. Some of my colleagues had said it takes Amazon a while to put the covers up. But then it asked about uploading an image and I tried it, and IT WORKED! At least, it worked on my computer. Can you see the cover of the book when you click on the link?

Do you see the words

In Stock


because I'm pretty sure that means the book is

In Stock

even though it's not supposed to be available until December 5th.

I'm not complaining. Honest! Woo Hoo!!! I am just so excited!

They exist. Somewhere they exist just waiting to be bought and read.