That's it...

I'm absolutely out of ideas for this blog. How can I keep with my twice a week posting when I can't think of anything??!!
Maybe it is because I've been using many of my brain cells to work on my website. And, no, I still haven't settled on a domain name so the website is still

The fun part of the website has been my "Works in Progress" section. I saw this on another author's website and thought it was the neatest idea, so I adopted it and put my own works in progress in. I've put several on there and would love to hear from you which one you think will be my next published book or which one needs to be deleted from my computer files.

I have a jumping button here on the blog as well as on the website so you can merrily jump over there and then back here.

As some of you may know, I've been writing stories since I was in junior high school. Here are some of my stories that I wrote long hand in notebooks (currently in my attic) which I haven't even bothered to transfer to the computer:

"Show me yours; I'll show you mine"
Cynthia has appendicitis and has to be rushed to the hospital by her boss. After emergency surgery, her boss (let us call him Lance) takes her home to take care of her. In a poignant scene in the hospital, he shows her his appendectomy scar.

This has nothing to do with the story, but I like the picture so I may have to write in a scene about a woman on a swing.

"Thank God for Lost Notebooks"
I actually referred to this story in my bio. on the Wild Rose Press Site. My bio is AWESOME if you haven't read it. My husband thought I should "take this more seriously" when he read what I had submitted to them, but, hey, they didn't complain, so what the heck! It was fun, and maybe someone will remember Francesca Fiore long after they forget Jennifer Johnson. Anyway, I think my first attempt at romance was a story about two teenagers who are at beach camp. I don't know why they are there alone, but they are, and they get trapped on a top bunk by a wolf. I kid you not. That was the story. The notebook it was in disappeared. I guess someone recognized it for the trash it was and threw it away. Still. It would be nice to have my first story and either of the two that are published so I can say, "See! See how far I've come!"

It's always fun to try to find a picture to match my story. I don't know who this guy is but I can believe he might get trapped on top of this bed by a wolf. Also, this was the only non-kid I could find on top of a bunk bed.

Here are some pictures I found interesting, but have no story to go with them.

Nice imagery. Gorgeous bed.

The title of this picture was "hot." Ummm. Yeah.

I love this scene and thought I could use it until I noticed there is a third person who looks like he's kneeling in front of the man. The guy's head is poking out of the side of the guy whose back is to the camera. Except for that, it's a great picture.

So, this is it. Maybe the blog muse will come visit me before it's time for me to blog again.