Hey, babe. Can I see what's under the hat?

As I was researching the appropriate song for my Gilligan's Island post, I discovered what a hotty Kenny Chesney is. Usually one who prefers the original artists, I thought he did a darn good job of the updated Brandy song.

Then I saw his picture. Hmm. Not bad. Not bad at all. However, I thought he looked a little young. I so do not want to lust after guys younger than I am. What am I talking about? I don't really want to lust after anybody. It seems so...er...carnal. I prefer to think I just appreciate the eye candy similar to how I appreciate a beautiful pair of shoes in the catalog. Do I want to spend three hundred bucks on shoes which though they look incredible, still the height of that heel will be a big, big problem? Nah. But I can appreciate the beauty of the shoes, can I not? I can appreciate the the hottiness of the man, can I not?
My problem is that I think Kenny Chesney looks younger than I am. I don't want to have my tongue hanging out figuratively over some guy who I could have babysat for. That's just gross. It's like those court cases you hear about where the female teacher goes after the twelve year old boy. Ewww. I mean, I joke about training them while they're young, but I'm only kidding. I have considered the wisdom of marrying a younger guy since women tend to live longer than men. You marry someone ten years younger than you can die about the same time like that movie
The Notebook (sorry if I spoiled the ending for any of you who hadn't seen it). But I lost my chance. I fell in love with a man who is several years older than I am. Today I looked across the room at him and thought, "Oh, baby, I love the color of your hair." It's getting silver now. Not gray. Silver. And it blends in so well with the light shade that hasn't turned yet.
I'm pleased to say my husband can still be eye candy for me.
Especially as I've never seen a picture of Kenny Chesney without his hat. Does he have any hair? Is he balding? It's possible. I mean the cowboy hat is okay, but a bare head every once in a while is very nice. That way, we can see your sexy locks. Unless there are none. I looked Kenny up on Wikepedia. I am glad to know he is older than I am by a couple of years, so I don't feel so much like a dirty old woman.
Just a dirty young one. At least, young compared to the eye candy.
Hey, Kenny. Send me a picture of you hatless, how about it?