Wow! Somebody's been buying my book!

I keep clicking on the Wild Rose Press web site, and WOW! I went to the bottom and saw "Customers who bought this book also purchased..." And it had pictures of some other books (all new releases, I think). I'm part of a multiple purchase. Amazing!

Did you see the main page? I'm on the top row in the new release section!!

It has been a surreal kind of week. Here my dream came true, and yet...I still have laundry to do, still have to clean the house. And the dryer went out. The heating element in the oven went out. Don't even get me started about all the building and maintenance issues at my day job...sheesh!!

Here I am trying to live the Cinderella life and yet, when that pretty girl gets home from the ball, there are still dishes to do, the fire to build, the wicked stepsisters to avoid. Not to mention putting away the pumpkin, calming the horse and dog, and finding that fairy godmother to ask "What now?"

Does Nora Roberts have to empty the cat's litter box? Doubtful. Then again, she has a few more books under her belt than I do. I bet SHE didn't get flowers from "Mom, Dad, and Michael" and also someone named DeWayne Wright to celebrate her last book. I bet SHE didn't get a tasteful (and tasty) fruit arrangement from the sissies so that on her special day she could eat chocolate covered strawberries for lunch.

Is there a better lunch than that?

By the way, does anybody KNOW this DeWayne Wright? I hope he's not a stalker. Wouldn't that be fun? My first stalker! Interestingly enough, my sister's family also sent me flowers though I never received them. I named one of my characters after her-Stephanie. I didn't include her last name though. It's Wainwright.