Fall into a GOOD BOOK!

"Fall into a Good Book" is the name of the Chat at the Latte Lounge going on at coffeetimeromance.com. I've already been over there, and I wouldn't call it a chat exactly. I would call it a "Oh, Man, am I behind the times or what?!" Everything is just so fancy! I sort of feel like the Waffle House girl going in to Starbucks.

But everybody's so nice. Linda LaRoque, who organized the chat started us off this morning as she talked about her book A Law of Her Own. It is also from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, and it is in the line of the Cactus Rose-a western! Each of the authors has a contest. I'll be giving away a personalized monogrammed denim book bag. I have one of these bags, and I just love it. I'll give out two questions at the close of my chat tonight. If you look at my nifty leaf slideshow, you'll have one question already! Just quit counting when you get to the cat! I had to get creative since I don't have a website where I could hide leaves in different pages, so have fun. I hope to chat with you tonight.

I'm sure I'll have some craziness here tomorrow, so stop by!

THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!!! is the release date for The Jinx. I'll have some other neat news about the print date, too. I will try to hold off on using so many exclamation marks. It's just such an exciting time.

Deep breath.