I have been having so much fun with putting music on my My Space. Someone told me I could put a whole list of songs by using Playlist.com. To my surprise, they have a huge selection. I don't quite understand how they can do this and not charge money for it. I just hope one day soon the police don't come knocking on my door with a choice to pay some copyright company several hundred thousand dollars or go to jail.

Of course, if I go, I'm going to have to lie about why I'm there.

I'm sure I'd be the low bee-atch on the totem pole if word gets out that my incarceration had to do with copyright infringement. I think I will invent a murder. I can just imagine the conversation:
"What are you in for?"
"I killed a guy with house shoes."
"You killed a guy for wearing house shoes?"
"Yeah. I killed him for wearing the house shoes. Then I killed him WITH the house shoes. And then I wore the house shoes for two weeks straight without EVER TAKING THEM OFF." At this point I will laugh an evil maniacal laugh.

Yeah. Nobody's going to mess with me.

Well, that was a fun-off-the-planet-tangent. I was going to write about my lovely list of songs on my My Space. Do any of them say something about me? Probably more about my history than my inner diva.

Ah, Jon Bon Jovi. How we salivated over that man in my younger years. Some of my Wesleyan friends will recall a certain maintenance man who wore cowboy boots. When he climbed on that golf cart to fix a leaky pipe, it was quite a picture. Somehow Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" came to be the maintenance guy's theme song. The maintenance guy never knew this-that we would sing the chorus dramatically when we would see him tear off across campus. What became of him? I wonder. And now Jon has come back-a more mature, but no less hot version with that lovely song called "Let's Make a Memory." I do not lust after the man-I read somewhere that's a no no (and I am a married woman after all). What wise musical group quipped "You can look, but you can't touch"?

All right! All right! I'm showing my age, I know! Yes, people, I came of age in the eighties with big, big, big hair bands.

Yes. I admit it. I did have a Michael Jackson picture on my wall (still love the songs he and Sir Paul collaborated on), but I just want to state that was in his pre-freak stage when Casey Kasem had some song from Thriller on his countdown every single week!! Ah, Casey. I love to hear him, too, on the Scooby Doo cartoons. What a legacy Casey has.

Oh, look at that. I'm jumping those tangents tonight, aren't I?

All I can say about Allison Krauss is that I would marry her, but for obvious reasons it just isn't to be. The woman has an amazing voice. I discovered Allison as many did on that incredible movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" I had always been a Homer fan, so I LOVED the movie. I love it when they spin a classic. The movie was brilliant. Why don't they make more movies like that?

As for the Proclaimers. They look goofy, but the 500 mile song is so much fun! You Tube has a funny Shrek video to it. Very cute.

And Fergie. I just love the Big Girls Don't Cry song. Oh, I get it. No, babe, it isn't about you. It's me. Sometimes even when life kicks us in the guts, being an adult means we don't lash out. We deal with it. The most tortured moments can be redeemed if we learn something and become a better person for it. If we can do that, then we win.

As that wise philosopher Jerry Seinfeld once said: Good living is the best revenge.

So maybe there is something about knowing me better by hearing my favorite tunes. Or just read my blog. That works, too.