And now for something completely different (again)

I had to put again on the title above because I'm pretty sure I've already used that most beloved line from Monty Python so...

Maybe yesterday's post was a downer, but as my friend Leona says you gotta roll with it, and hear the good news, people.

1. They got it all.
2. They are cutting some more just to be sure.
3. I have ready access to very good medical care (even if I have to wait a few hours to be in the same room as that medical care).
4. My life is good enough that I'm not ready to check out yet.
5. They caught it early.
6. The Frankenstein scar is covered by clothes. All right?

So, let us not dwell on the melanoma. It is what it is, and all of those other cliches.

As my girl Julian of Norwich is quoted as saying, "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and in all manner of things it shall be well."

And now for the completely different something which is fantabulous.


And it'll probably only be true for, like, thirty seconds so HURRY! Click HERE to go to Turquoise Morning Press' blog and look on the left (that is your left. No. the LEFT side. The OTHER left. Do the finger thumb thing. Right. OOF! I meant correct). Anyway, on the left side of the screen you'll see the bestsellers, and at this moment Rescue Me is the number one bestseller of all time on Turquoise Morning Press' history of the world!

Percy? Would you help me celebrate with your funky, happy dance?