Which kind are you?

Consider the picture above. Very demonstrative, is it not, of the kind of folks these people in the front are.

The poor girl, terror on her face, and yet she is watching death as it quickly approaches in the steep drop down the track. The woman beside her-maybe Mom or Grandmom-is also less than thrilled to be on the thrill ride. But this is how I know she is a close relation. Even with eyes tightly closed, see the arm thrown across the girl's body in the instinctive protective stance?

Well, God bless 'em for getting on the thing even though obviously they aren't the roller coaster kind of people. And yet, just behind them a woman wears a hat as she smiled at her young companion. The hat is intriguing. Not only is she taking a fashion risk, but she is breaking one of the cardinal rules of roller coaster rides.

She has not removed unsecured objects from her person thereby risking its loss on the ride.

Obviously, she is truly the thrill seeker, though one of those understated kind. Note the arms are not high over her head like the happy folks in the very back. You ever do the hand in the air thing? Talk about thrilling. It makes you come off of the seat.

I love roller coasters. One of my early memories is throwing up in the Six Flags bathroom after riding the Scream Machine one too many times. At least, I think it was the Scream Machine that brings forth the happy memory as well as...

Ah, here we are. The Scream Machine, that white painted wooden structure in Georgia. Still one of my favorites though I haven't been barred into one of its seats in over a decade.

I did get to ride one roller coaster while at an amusement park recently.


No one else with me were roller coaster people. How sad! So, I sat on a big rock in the kiddie section while people rode Lucky Ducky and some lame ride I can't even remember the name of. And that wasn't all. We did this one, too...

It was not fast. It did not squeal as it curved crazily downhill. It was a sedate circular experience. And my stomach rolled uneasily with every rotation. Obviously, I am not a ferris wheel kind of gal.