My life as a proverb

It is said that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I think this means that which is out of reach is always more valuable. That treasure which you can see but not touch, that's the one you most yearn for. Unless you've had some time to sit down and really think things through, and you realize how great it is to be content with where you are and how you are.

That's not to say that you enjoy life in the mudpit if that is the rut that you find yourself in, but that you've worked hard, you've played hard, and you've served hard. And all of those places are pretty good spaces to occupy when they all are part of the journey.

So, above is the picture of my hand in a parakeet place. This was a place I didn't plan to be at, but I had the opportunity to be there, and why not? And it turned out to be a pretty cool place.

You can make a plan for your life, and that's good because then you don't drift or waste your time and talents. But you can also be open enough to veer off the path at times, and those times are pretty amazing, too. And then you have not one bird in your grasp, not two beyond your reach, but more in your presence-not to be captured, but to be enjoyed in the midst of the beauty.

I had a wonderful week with three, no, four generations of my kin. Blessings rained down, even drenched us, with wet socked feet, trudging on black topped pavement or sun-scorched skin seeking refreshment either in shade or water. I hope, hope, hope these are the days those two newer generations will look back on, smile, and say, "Remember the time when we...?"