I'm LATE...I think

On Thursday at 8:15 I have an important date, or it may be an appointment. I know this because 8:15 is clearly marked on my calendar in ink. IN INK.

What I neglected to write with the time is where I am supposed to be and what I'm supposed to do. Doctor appointment? Board meeting? Committee planning? It could be any one of these things.

I am ruling out the swimming party at the Y, as this happened last Saturday night. While I was talking to the Y people, I had written various possibilities on my calendar (just time on the dates, not what it was). Luckily, I figured out what THOSE were.

Dang it! Why am I so unorganized? What am I supposed to do at 8:15 Thursday morning?! I hope it isn't really important. Or else I hope I can remember by then. At the very least that I will run into someone who is supposed to be at the meeting as well.

"See ya at the meeting Thursday morning, Jennifer."
"Aha! Sure!" Most likely I will be clued in because of the person speaking to me. Unless it is my friend Stewart. He and I end up at a lot of the same meetings. I'll have to ask him where. Then he'll have to give me a hard time and send me a pithy email about my bad memory. Somehow he knows I had a misspent youth, and found a church sign which claimed it. It's all very funny.

Here is MY Sign.

I've just checked my calendar again. There is no am or pm. I thought to do this because of a little trick Devon Matthews showed me. I owe her a cookie, by the way. So, I was looking at my post date, and "AM" is staring at me as if in judgment. Now the mystery is even more...er...mysterious, more treacherous. If a night time meeting, then there are more possibilities. My writing group, for instance. We often meet after 8 pm.

Oh, woe is me...I mean "I". I do not know where. I do not know why. I do not not know whether ante or post meridiem. Curse you, Calendar! You mock me with your half-truths!