It's finally here! The 2009 Dogwood Writing Conference at Greenbo. And, oh, the dogwoods are certainly cooperating. So gorgeous!

Last year I remember thinking "next year I can bring The Jinx to the conference and autograph copies!" Wow! I have my box in the foyer ready to go! I'm wearing my red outfit (not the Mrs. Claus one hanging on my office door. This is the one which shouts, "Hey, babe! I am here! Let's have some fun!" But actually, it is only saying it in a conversational tone right now as I am at work. Errr, well, this is my midmorning break, so I'm not exactly goofing off. OKAY! I'm goofing off, but I came in an hour early so I figure if I need to get my Internet fix for a few moments to keep office morale up.

But now it is time to get back to work so I can get everything done and not worry about unfinished business while I'm Dogwooding tonight and tomorrow.

I can't wait!