And who are the great duos of the world? The collaborations which with their combined brilliance have forever changed history?
Crayola and Colored Wax
Batman and Robin
George and Gracie
Hall and Oates
Macaroni and Cheese
Eli and the Cotton Gin

An opportunity has been presented to me in which I get work with a comedian! Is that cool or what?! His name is Robin Williams. No. His name is Dwight McCormick. He's breaking into the comedy business, which is to say he sometimes gets paid to crack jokes and act the clown like he has most likely done his whole life. How does his wife Sarah put up with him? I imagine one night after she had had all of his foolishness she could take, she made some crack about wishing he could get paid for all of the BS he spouted.
And, low and behold, he tried it and found he really liked doing stand up comedy.
What's more, he thought I spouted some BS of my own and asked if I would be a critique partner. Is that not the coolest?
All of this happened only recently, but already I can see a lot of similarities in comedy and writing fiction (at least, the kind of fiction I write).
What are the similarities?
The need for collaboration. I am part of a critique group for my writing. Without the awesome ladies I meet with, I would not have had the push to have completed two novels. There is something about being accountable to someone else whether it is getting up at the crack of dawn to meet someone to walk with in the park (just a hypothetical here. I do not really do this) or meeting late at night at Tim Hortons with notebook in tow to read what I have written.

Reflection makes for good writing whether it is romance, comedy, or suspense.

Sometimes the most poignant moments have an element of humor to them.

As with cheap comedy or romance, one could focus on genitalia, but intelligent comedy and romance is more about relationship and even growth. It makes you think. And if we do our jobs well, maybe you will walk away not only entertained, but having some pearls of wisdom to ponder.

This isn't to say I don't believe in that great motto "Ars Gratia Artis" Art, for Art's sake. But I guess it goes back to the "mature" vs. "immature" content. Is the ability to pass gas on cue art? Or inventive profanity?

What in your recollection is the funniest joke you've ever heard? Mine has to do with a snail. No private parts. And no four letter words either.

Remind me to tell it to you some time.