Heart Ache

I find it ironic that on the eve of Valentine's Day I am contemplating my own heart because I have been having heart ache lately. Literally! I happen to mention it to the nurse when I went in for something unrelated. When it comes to chest pain, you can't just mention it in passing to the nurse. Immediately they hooked me up to a machine. Jeez, people! I'm only thirty-seven. I'm too young for heart problems. Right?!
The doctor asked me if I had been under a lot of stress lately. Well, maybe a bit more than I'm used to, but nothing like in my former life. So, it might be heart burn; it might be acid reflux; it might be an ulcer. These are suggestions from friends.
When I have been writing my stories I found that the heart plays a role in strong emotion. If, for instance, one's heart beats heavily, it might be because one is deeply sad. If one's heart beats rapidly, perhaps it is because one is excited about seeing one's beloved or maybe one is in a passionate embrace.
If you talk about a heart ache or a heart break, then you very well could be talking about lost love- not things like too much fried foods or lack of exercise or genetics.
But then again, how romantic is heart disease? Not very.
One thing which keeps going through my mind though-from Psalm 51: Create in my a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.
It was the prayer one man I knew awoke with after having open heart surgery.
I'm not sure which I yearn for more-the clean (or pure) heart or the right spirit within me. At this moment, I'm feeling like I have a bit of both. That's a good feeling-my heart is full of good, happy, warm feelings. No pain right now.
May your heart be full of warmth and love and free of any kind of pain on this Valentine Week!