So far, so good!

I'm getting great comments from people I know who are reading The Clergy Affair - great news!

And, The Clergy Affair is already showing up as a best seller in the Champagne Rose line at The Wild Rose Press. This means that people are purchasing it from Wild Rose's site - also great news!

I peeked on Amazon to see how things were going and I'm getting some purchases there as well. The Jinx has only one left in stock, so there will be more going to print, and also this at the bottom of The Clergy Affair:

"Frequently Bought Together Customers buy this book with The Jinx by Jennifer Johnson"
That's right - multiple purchases!

I suspect this is because my mom told me she ordered several copies of each one. Maybe I should give loved ones complimentary copies instead of making them pay with the rest of the world, but I figure over 90% of my book sales have been to people who knew me, so I'd be cutting into my royalties big time if I gave out free copies. And since I only get one complimentary copy from the publisher, I'd definitely be losing money if I had to buy as many copies as I had people who owned the book.

That's right. I get only one free copy for myself. So, it isn't that I'm cheap - well, actually, I am pretty cheap, but I'm also paying for my copies, too. Except the one.

If you are cheap as well, you might want to look into a digital download of a book. Digital downloads are inexpensive, and you can read the book on your computer, laptop, or one of those cute little electronic devices you may own already. Me? I am still trying to make my way out of the dark ages. I have been listening to an audiobook on a borrowed MP 3 player, and I have to say, that is pretty cool. However, the little ear phone thingies do not suit my dainty ears. Wonder if I could get a hold of some of those big honkin' ear phones from the 70's. Then all I would need was my knee high socks and my roller skates, and I'd be ready!