Sweet Home Alabama

I'm visiting the place where I spent my formative years. In a little while, I will be going to church where I spent my formative spiritual years (at least the early formative spiritual ones). This church was where I met and married my husband and where I was ordained as a minister of the Word and Sacrament in the PC(USA) so a lot of good memories and warm fuzzies going on this weekend.

Yesterday we had a birthday celebration at my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Vernon's house.

Here is a little girl enjoying what's left of the yellow icing from the cake:

Here is a little boy taking a break from fishing and playing:

Vernon and Nancy live in the "country" complete with pond. A lot of folks fished.

Some folks lazed around.

All folks ate.

The menu?

green tomatoes
chicken (tenders and on the bone)

cole slaw

birthday cake (my mom's)
banana pudding
banana pudding
(did I mention?) banana pudding

Mozzerella bites
dip and corn chips
cream cheese with pepper jelly and crackers

And to top it off:
Watermelon from the garden

Most of my relatives are quite entertaining, actually.
Particularly funny were: the Auburn jokes, LeeLee attempting to fish, my aunt goosing my brother-in-law, the "fish" trick.

Oh, that banana pudding was good.

The first picture is me trying out the Hammock with a gorgeous view beyond my toes.

Honestly, does it get much better than that?