It's Here!!

The U.P.S. man delivered The Clergy Affair to my door this afternoon - yay! And it sooo lovely!

Cheri, the owner of BJ's Discount Books, had a flood in the bookstore so we've had to reschedule the booksigning to Friday, August 14th from 5-7 p.m. I was over at the store today, and Cheri has done a lot to get the store back in good shape!

If you don't live in or around Ashland, you can order your print copy from Wild Rose Press as they now have the print copies available without Amazon taking their cut. Here's the link:
The Clergy Affair at WRP

The official release date is July 31, so if you want the digital download, I think you'll have to wait until that date to get it.

As I was thumbing through it this afternoon, I considered that it really is an inspirational-type romance. Deborah, the main character, prays, reads Scripture, and makes choices based on her faith. But the reason it is not in the inspirational line is that there are love scenes, there are some colorful words (though not by Deborah), and there is nudity. A good friend told me as I was writing this, "You'll never be able to publish it as an inspirational because the hero and heroine are alone in a bedroom."


Unmarried Christians have never been alone in a bedroom without something illicit happening?



I'm very proud of this book. I do consider it an Inspirational romance. However, I think I shall term it "Inspiration with Edge."

And just so you know:
I do not have a tattoo. And I don't plan on getting one.