Every dog...

has her day, and I guess Sunday was mine. Or, if that isn't flattering enough I could say, my fifteen minutes of fame happened Sunday because I was in the newspaper!

This teeny picture was a big honkin' picture in the "Lifestyles" section, along with a very well done article by Lee Ward who may very well be my new BFF. All I can say is that it must have been a slow news day, and everyone was tired of hearing about...well, you know who...so my story was nearly half a page on the front of the "Lifestyles"! I made it. I have a style of life!! But I just want everyone to know I still do my own laundry (though I am not carrying it up and down the stairs yet. However, I have been told by the laundry carrier that I better enjoy my one more week, because it is obvious to SOME people that I am enjoying carrying no more than seven pounds way too much. Wow! Is this a lot to put in parentheses or what?)

I am enjoying my fifteen minutes before I get put on the bottom of some canary's cage! Here's the link to the article: