Hope springs Cat-ternal

Here is my lovely Midnight Rose who has decided lowering her standards to hang out on our porch sometimes is not so bad.

Here is her mean sister who likes to pick on everybody, and thinks it is funny to put sharp objects on and around the water bed mattress. This little sister better watch out. She may be next on the banished list.

I do not know this cat, but her unknown comic impersonation is intriguing to me. I was just a little kid when my parents used to torture me by making me watch The Gong Show and other equally stupid shows. I think we as a culture have become more sophisticated until I happen to be in a room when the T.V. is on. I have to tell you after ten minutes of watching Regis and Kelly in the hospital waiting room, I was ready to check myself in as a patient. Unfortunately, the behavior health unit was in another building. Nothing could have improved more on the show except for a guy in a gorilla suit, which I believe was the episode I watched when I was in the hospital the other time for a stress test. I think I would have done better on the test if the T.V. had been turned off.

Disclaimer: I was kidding about my parents torturing me with The Gong Show. I was NOT kidding about the gorilla suit.