Welcome Magdalena Scott

I've invited author Magdalena Scott over today and asked her a few questions so you can get to know her. Here's the cover of The Blank Book.

Basically, I sent Magdalena the questions and she emailed them back. Welcome to my blog, Magdalena. This is my attempt to make this seem more conversational. I think Magdalena would say, "Thank you, Jennifer", and then she would smile sweetly at me. And then I'd say, "So, let's get down to it" (and I transition to the first question which is...)

*How long have you been writing?
Ever since I learned cursive—second grade? I grew up in Indiana, and had a beloved aunt and uncle in California who exchanged letters with me forever. I learned creative writing there, I think, because evidently I made my boring life in a small town sound interesting. At least they told me I did.

Ah, life in a small town. I know it well. (another attempt at making this a more conversational tone).

*What's your favorite genre to write, and do you write other things as well?
Sweet contemporary romance is what I write... Well, The Blank Book also has the paranormal element of the book which controls the lives of the hero and heroine. And there’s a teensy paranormal element in Christmas Collision. I’ve also got a partially completed historical romance that’s kinda inspirational. Oh, and most of my stories have some humor in them. People often tell me I’m witty. Not people who’ve actually met me, just the ones who read my books or the Welcome to Magdalenaville blog.
Oh yeah—that’s another genre I like to write. The Blog. We have a great time in Magdalenaville, don’t we?

Yes. Magdalenaville is fun to visit. Although I often find myself singing a Jimmy Buffet ditty every time I stop by.

*Please list your published works.
The Blank Book is my most recent release, and my favorite story of all I’ve written so far.
Legend series books: Midnight in Legend, TN, contained in the Ladies of Legend: Finding Home anthology; and Christmas Collision, available separately in ebook, or in the anthology (ebook or print) A Legendary Christmas. In June, Where Her Heart Is should be released in ebook. The Legend series books are written in conjunction with Maddie James, Jan Scarbrough, and Janet Eaves.
All of my books are available from Resplendence Publishing, Fictionwise, Amazon, etc. Not in most brick and mortar bookstores, though. Sorry about that.

*What are you working on right now?

A sequel to Where Her Heart Is. Also the inspirational, and another contemporary. And another contemporary. I’m easily distracted.

*Favorite Super Hero and why. You. Just because.

Ah, you make me blush. Please feel free to expand on the "just because" when we meet in person at the Dogwood festival next weekend.

*Favorite pair of shoes (real or imagined)
Someone else’s: Dorothy Gale’s ruby slippers. Mine: White shoe skates I put a million miles on during the junior high years. Those were the days!

Oh, yes. I really would love to find a pair of ruby slippers. I'll have to tell you about MY skating adventures some time.

*Anything else you'd like to share?
The blurb for The Blank Book:

Alice Williams has always lived in tiny Quidnunc, Indiana. After the sudden death of her husband, she finally decides to take control of her life. She quits her dead-end job, and strikes out in a new career. Everything seems to be going fine…until she discovers she is writing the story of her life.
Alice is having the same dream every night, reliving a kiss she wrote into a silly romance novella. And in the dream she’s kissing her favorite action hero movie star, Robert Diamond. Too bad he’ll never show up on her front doorstep!
Thousands of miles away, Robert is having the same dream as Alice, and wants it to stop. He can’t learn his lines for a new film—he’s too distracted by the amazing kiss they share in their sleep. After he tracks her down, they set about trying to discover why the story Alice wrote in a blank notebook has hijacked both their dreams. And how to make it stop, so they can go back to their regularly scheduled lives.
The Blank Book. What would you do if you could write your future?

Thank you for letting me be here today, Jennifer! This IS the life!

Thank you, Mags, for being my guest. I am looking forward to having you sign a copy of The Blank Book for me next weekend. Be sure to put that I am the wind beneath your wings. Then I know we are BFF.

If you all can't make it to the Dogwood writing conference, here's a link to her book on Amazon.

Want to know more about Magdalena? Checkout her website and her blog. I've linked them both!