If you've read The Jinx, you know that it is not just a contemporary romance, but it is a comedic romance. Or is it a romantic comedy? I've talked to several people who have read the book who have told me the funniest scene in the book is an incident between Rick, the hero, and his secretary, Denise in which she records Rick's accidents on a poster tacked on the wall. I love this scene! And here's a bit of trivia-it wasn't even in the original manuscript. Thanks to my editor Corinne who challenged me in her sweet and wonderful way to make this story really shine.

How shiny is it?

The Long and Short of It gave it a shiny review. They also have a really neat month long contest, and today is my day! Click on the link below to go to their site for your chance to win a download of The Jinx. And if you already have The Jinx, no worries! They will have a different prize from a different author of comedic romance (or romantic comedy) every day this month. So, go to their site, see what they are about, and play! Play! Play! You know you want to win, and you can't win if you don't play.

Here is the shiny review. Do you agree to its shininess? Is shininess a word? Or is it shinyness? Or shinification? Shiniess? I'll just conclude it is brilliant.

What a hoot! Rabbits, and lost keys, and accidents, oh my! This book kept me turning pages just to see what mess Richard and Ellen would get into next. Ellen is certain she’s a jinx, because from the moment she met Richard and he sliced his hand open in her bedroom, nothing has gone well. Even their first kiss ended in an accident! Enter Hoss the rabbit – because if one rabbit’s foot is good luck, then four must be truly excellent! But still the mishaps continue. Big or little, poor Richard and Ellen can’t catch a break, and despite their desperate attraction for one another, Ellen is certain she’ll kill him if she sticks around... so she decides: No. More. Dates. The author’s skillful writing and slightly warped sense of humor make this a thoroughly delightful read. The fun never stops, and the sexual tension is high from the first few pages until the very end of the book. Every single scene is handled believably, and I had a smile on my face throughout. Jennifer Johnson is a romantic comedy author to watch. Even better, a little bird told me she has another novel forthcoming... I’ll be first in line to snatch it up. If you’re a fan of fun, I highly recommend you grab this book and plop it on your keeper shelf.

Do you agree?
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