Talking Sex

One of the neatest things that is going on in my life right now is that I am leading a confirmation class of middle schoolers at the church. At first the thought of being with these kids intimidated the heck out of me. But I quickly found that they were deep thinkers and really pushed me to consider some theological questions I hadn't thought about in quite a while. Why is it that when we're teenagers, we don't automatically accept that this is how things are? Or maybe I should ask, why is it as adults we accept that this is how things are without asking why? "Question Assumptions". I read one time on a bumper sticker. Yes. I agree. But I forget to do that a lot. These guys reminded me that life is this wonderful puzzle, and it's wonderful to pick up the pieces examine them, maybe throw one or two out, maybe turn it over and try it in a different spot.

Here is one young person examining the puzzle piece:
"If Jesus had lived twice as long as he did, would he have sinned?"
I waited for anybody else to answer because sometimes they will and get it right, and sometimes they answer, get it right, when I would have gotten it wrong.
Another piped up.
I expanded on it a bit. And went onto the interesting path of what Jesus said about lusting for a woman in one's heart is as bad as doing the deed. If this is true, then Jesus didn't even have lustful thoughts.
They're with me on the path because the next question is:
"What if you are married to the woman, is it okay to think bad things then?"
I wanted to clarify "bad things" so I said if he meant bad things like hitting her or hurting her then no, but if he's thinking about sex then it isn't a bad thing. Sex is a gift from God.
At this point every one of them laughed. It wasn't the rolling in the floor laughing; it was the "OMG. I am so embarrassed" kind of laugh.

Like they don't talk about sex with their friends. I may be old, but I do remember some things from Jr. High. Perhaps what was so funny was that I proclaimed without embarrassment or shame that sex was a gift from God. I bravely went on to talk about if we didn't have sexual yearnings (emphasis here) for your husband or wife (because I really don't want them thinking I'm saying it's okay to be messing around this weekend) then we probably would not propagate, and we need babies to keep the generations going! I wanted to flesh it out some more with them, like saying sex is more than just procreation, but, again, I don't want to give them an inch of an excuse to do the deed so I didn't. Plus there was still some nervous titters, and I think I had done the best I could at that point. Although I did add that I was glad they asked me because I wanted to be honest with them about it and give them the best answer I could. Wouldn't it be awesome if they came to me to ask those edgy questions instead of one of their bonehead friends who might make something up or get his info. from Cinemax? I don't have Cinemax, but I've caught a glimpse of some of their Friday on free weekends. My rule of thumb is this: if the music is cheesy, it's probably time to turn off the T.V.

Check back in with me tomorrow, and I'll give you a link to Emma Lai's blog who did an awesome job of interviewing me. She brings up my vocation as a minister and how that fits in with my romance author persona. The interview actually prepped me for the conversation above with the confirmation class.