The Jinx is global!

Not only that; it's providing entertainment for our deployed military. How do I know this?

This is my friend Damund who I've known since high school. Damund is a JAG and stationed in Iraq. He sent me this picture via Facebook. Was he on the beach reading my book? Well, it would certainly be appropriate as everyone knows romance novels make great beach reading. I noticed he had more pictures so I looked around and Wow!

According to his caption, this is the male changing room. Isn't it incredible? Certainly, this is no changing room at any beach where I've been. It looks like something out of the Arabian Nights.

This picture made me wonder if he was on the beach after all. What the heck??!! It looks like a desert! Does The Jinx make for good desert reading?
And where there is desert, there is likely to be...

I know this because I've seen Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam in the desert with camels. And Loony Tunes is always accurate. Damund mentioned that people eat camels over there. Perhaps Damund has eaten camel meat, too, as he wrote it does not taste like chicken.

Thanks for making my day, Damund! How exciting to think about my book being deployed with a JAG!