Food for Fodder

Years ago I traveled to Cameroon, Africa. I considered one of my experiences needed to be culinary, so I tried all what was presented to me (except non-bottled water). One of the most interesting fruits I saw was lavender in color. It was about the size of a peach though more oval and the most gorgeous color food I had ever seen. But the taste was terrible-very bitter. But everything else was great. The avocados were the best I've tasted. Another food which is worth mentioning is called casava. It looked and tasted very similar to a potato. Casava seems to be to the African people I met what shrimp was to Forest Gump's friend. It is prepared in lots of different ways.

In other travels I've drunk cantaloupe juice while in Central America. It tasted so delicious, I immediately juiced my own cantaloupe after arriving home without success. The cantaloupe here is not fresh enough to have good juice. Think how canned pineapple tastes once you've eaten a piece from a cut-open pineapple. There's a big difference.

In Mexico, we were served what I was sure was chocolate pudding for breakfast. Imagine my delight as I am a big fan of chocolate pudding. Luckily someone told me before I ate any that is was actually refried black beans. We ate the beans with pieces of tortilla. Although some of my companions didn't like the idea of beans for breakfast (as it wasn't a "breakfast food"), I found it to be quite pleasing to the palate. My opinion is this. What's breakfast food? What you eat for breakfast, right? If you're a bacon and eggs kind of person, I'll tell you they're only popular food items because a bacon and egg guy who wanted to sell his wares made up the idea that "everybody's eating 'em for breakfast." Just think. If he had been a pizza guy, pizza for breakfast would be more than just a college-student-diet.

So, what's the most interesting thing you've eaten?