A new place to hang out...

I have a website I'd like you to check out. It isn't exactly new, but the name is. I now have a name that is all mine for the bargain price of fifteen bucks a year. What does this mean other than I'm spending fifteen extra dollars? According to the publishing world, I'm getting serious about my identity as a published author.

Because as we all know, if the Jones have a website with their own domain name, than all the rest of us have to have it, too. Otherwise, we may not be taken seriously. Oh, heck, I don't care so much about being taken seriously. I would just like to have my books published and available in every store which sells books. I'd like to make a living as an author if I so choose. And as long as I'm wishing through the keyboard here I'd like a turkey club sandwich. Hold the tomatoes, please.

Here's my URL: http://booksbyjenniferjohnson.com

Hop on over and let me know what you think.