Clap, clap

I'm not a shopper, but I needed to get out, and the mall isn't too far. I actually found a parking space within a mile of the building (area 5 right outside Fiesta Brava). I try to pay attention to where I park as I don't have a burglar alarm on my car so I can't do that trick some of you guys do where you hit your key ring and listen for the sound in the parking lot to figure out where you parked. Don't act like you haven't done it. I've seen you.

The best trick I have for finding my vehicle is encouraging my kids to put stickers on the back windows. But you have to have a visual. One time I read this newspaper article where this woman reported her car stolen from the mall parking lot. Turns out it wasn't stolen; she just forgot where she parked.

Now, at the Wal-Mart close to where we live there is a numbered sign on a pole at the end of each aisle. However, you can only see the numbers as you are walking out of the store. As you are walking toward the store, the numbers aren't visible. You have to look BACK to see your aisle number. By the time I'm that close to the store, I forget to look most of the time. Do you know what a pain it is to push a loaded cart back and forth across the parking lot looking for a van with kid stickers on the back windows? I really feel for people who lose their cars. I feel for them because I, too, lose my car at least twice a month. This is compared to about fourteen times a month that I lose my keys. I have a nail on the inside of the door to hang my keys. What bonehead doesn't put them there as she enters her domicile? That would be me.

A while back they advertised on TV the clapper for your keyring. You could clap and your keyring would beep at you. Why don't they sell these things anymore? I need one. Or, for those of us who don't have a car alarm, we need the clapper for our cars. Then all the lovely shoppers at the store would be clapping madly looking for their vehicles. And all these beeps would be...well...beeping. And you'd be trying to help your forgetful neighbor by saying, "There it is over there!", "I noticed you clapping. Do you have the clapper? I hear a beeping. Is that you in aisle 5?" And we'd all smile and be kind to each other. The world would be a friendlier place to be because we would be united by our boneheadedness or our forgetfulness.