It happened this morning as I was packing my tote bag to go to the soccer game. My ring guard slipped right off my finger and fell into the bag. No biggie. I'd just get it later. It was safe, I thought, down in the depths of my canvas tote. On to the soccer game we went. The bag was neither overturned nor upended though it was rifled through at some point by a five year old looking for candy.

Later, I decided to get the ring guard out, and WHAT??? It wasn't there. No where in the bag. I went to the soccer field. Luckily, the five year old had left her juice box behind so I knew exactly where to look for the ring. But, the search was fruitless.

I questioned the five year old. I looked through the car. I checked various pockets and other bags. Nope. Nope. Nope.

On the verge of tears, I called my husband who had bought the ring guard for me at the same time he had bought my engagement ring. His response: It did its job. Let's get another one.

But, but, but...that would cost MONEY. And I'm cheap (probably one reason why my husband loves me. Not only was I a cheap date. I'm a cheap wife. Fiscally, that is. Emotionally, he has to put up with me calling him ranting because of an unjustified service charge on the credit card or that we owe the University more tuition money because SOMEBODY hasn't finished his dissertation or why I refuse to pay over a dollar for two liters of Coke or over three sixty for a twelve pack).

Back to the ring guard. Where the heck could it be?

I have decided to look at that glass and judge it to be half full by ruminating on these truths:
1. The ring guard did its job. Both engagement ring and wedding band are where they should be.
2. Possibly the guard slid off because I lost some weight (could be cold hands, but "half full" so I'm going with the lost weight).
3. Although I did lose something valuable, I did not lose someone valuable. Even with a hectic schedule taking us to three different places not once did I misplace my children. They are safe; they are happy; they are healthy.
4. We ate nachos.

Hence, even with the gold guard lost, perhaps forever, I can still say, "Yes. This truly is the life." Cokes were on sale, too. So, that helps.

Two songs to commemorate the occasion. One to grieve; one to celebrate the half full glass.