Preparing for a fight

A person very dear to me invited me into her bedroom, took her shirt off, and showed me her boobs. Well, all I can say was that it was a surreal moment. I considered that at times, my life takes some pretty interesting turns. Without embarrassment or shame we prodded as we conferred about a silent invader which has the potential to kill her.

This week I went to a cancer clinic with this person so she could have a biopsy on her breast. Yesterday the news came back that a foe is indeed among us. We gird our proverbial spiritual loins until Wednesday when she goes back for another biopsy and to decide with the doctor/warrior which armor will be the best defense against the enemy. And we keep those loins girded as long as we need to.

There's a lot we don't know-what stage it's in, how much it has spread, how crazy we have to get to preserve a human life. However, what I do know is we're going to fight that pest. We're going to stomp it into the ground, jump on it a few more times, and laugh triumphantly when it's nothing more than a disgusting piece of filth in a red biohazard garbage can. I'll flick my chin at it and shout, "Take THAT you BOIL ON HUMANITY!" or maybe it should be "Take THAT, you CANCER ON HUMANITY" which is more accurate.

So, I've picked a couple of songs for my playlist with this in mind. My friend's name is Gloria. Please pray for her. And while we're in a praying mood, let's remember everybody in the path of Ike.

On a different note, The Long and Short of It gave me an awesome review. Apparently, they have a weekly poll to actually let people vote on the best review, that is to say, the review which would compel even a blind person to buy the book without access to a braille copy. I think the review on The Jinx is just that good. I hope you'll hop on over to their site and vote for it. The winning review allows the book to have free publicity on their site, and if you know me, you know I love FREE!

Here's the link:

Although all the reviews are posted underneath the poll, here's mine. Isn't it great?

What a hoot! Rabbits, and lost keys, and accidents, oh my! This book kept me turning pages just to see what mess Richard and Ellen would get into next.

Ellen is certain she’s a jinx, because from the moment she met Richard and he sliced his hand open in her bedroom, nothing has gone well. Even their first kiss ended in an accident! Enter Hoss the rabbit – because if one rabbit’s foot is good luck, then four must be truly excellent!

But still the mishaps continue. Big or little, poor Richard and Ellen can’t catch a break, and despite their desperate attraction for one another, Ellen is certain she’ll kill him if she sticks around... so she decides: No. More. Dates.

The author’s skillful writing and slightly warped sense of humor make this a thoroughly delightful read. The fun never stops, and the sexual tension is high from the first few pages until the very end of the book. Every single scene is handled believably, and I had a smile on my face throughout.

Jennifer Johnson is a romantic comedy author to watch. Even better, a little bird told me she has another novel forthcoming... I’ll be first in line to snatch it up. If you’re a fan of fun, I highly recommend you grab this book and plop it on your keeper shelf.

I don't know who Poppy, the reviewer, is but if I ever find out, she's definitely going on the the Christmas card list.