All right. I admit it. I have a little competitive streak in me. It has reared its head before when I was up for Book of the Week on a website just a few weeks ago. Now it has happened again. I'm up for Book of the Month this time. The stakes are higher. The bragging rights And the competition is fierce. Well, just this one other book and The Jinx are neck and neck. I know that author has a bunch more friends than I do. I know she's saying, "Wait 'til the morning of October 2nd, then vote. That'll show her." (Insert evil laugh here). Actually, it isn't that way. In all these months of sharing a variety of loops with authors, mainly Wild Rose Press authors, I have been amazed at how kind and caring they are. There seems to be very little back stabbing or running over battered bodies to get there first. On the the other hand, it is difficult to physically harm someone over the net.

Oh, the compassion I've witnessed when a pet dies and it is shared on the loop. Oh, the excitement we all type in when someone gets a contract or a new book cover. However, what about when we are in competition with each other, say for Book of the Month? I have tried to be diplomatic about it. On the one message I posted, I said something like, "My book is in the running. And so are a lot of other Wild Rose Press books. Let's have a good showing." I hoped those people who didn't have a book in the competition would read between the lines. VOTE FOR THE JINX!! Maybe it is the best book. Maybe it isn't. But I want it more than anybody else. I want to win!! I think it stems from some mean kid stealing the valentine candy heart I won in 5th grade.

I even parked outside of a building in town today to pick up their wireless network so I could vote for my book. I'm pathetic, and I know it. Is it cheating? Sort of. But I figure I'm paying penance in the trouble of finding the signal. Please. Save me from myself. Vote for The Jinx. I will try to stay out of parking lots searching for more wireless connections. The link is