Waste more time here!

I've discovered yet another way to waste time on the internet. No, it isn't enough that I have my carcass parked in front of the screen every free moment of the day and night surfing and logging and looping. Now, I have found I can karaoke as well thanks to My Space. Here's the link: ksolo.myspace.com/
Only one bad thing is you have to register at my space to do it, but there are worse things than having a My Space page. Karaoke is good if you are alone or else if you can get your kids to do it with you because I do feel rather foolish when someone catches me singing to Dwight Yoakam or the theme from Gilligan's Island (which is under "Wacky Songs" along with Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys-honestly shouldn't Elvira be put under "Songs of the 80's best forgotten"?)
What has been fun? Realizing there are more words to "Who let the dogs out" other than (you guessed it) who let the dogs out. Also, they have "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" (quite interesting to read those words) but you know you'd LOVE to sing the Grinch song! We also rapped through the Ninja Turtle song. Interesting because if you rap the song (I had to rap it as I had no idea what the tune was) then you don't need to watch the movie as it is a pretty accurate summary of the plot (the first movie, not the others). And I only know that because I have kids. That's my disclaimer, people. I'll make an oath to that effect.
Ready for even more hilarity? You can actually record yourself singing it. And here is the ultimate. Then people like me can listen to you! Isn't that hilarious? So, see, this is when I would love to get some friend really drunk and then talk them into doing it. Then every person on My Space can share the fun!
Excuse me, my daughter and I are going to check out the children's songs or I checked out the 80's and they have "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." We have to practice before we get brave enough to record it for prosperity.
One word of advice though. Please don't record Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All." That song was butchered enough in the first few years of its release to last into the twenty-third century.