Coffee, Tea, or Me?

No suggestive thoughts in that title. Just some news. We're approaching the date for the electronic release of my book "The Jinx." That date is August 29th. Yippee!! On Wednesday, August 27th I will be participating in a chat at Coffee Time Romance. The URL for that is not surprisingly I am sharing this chat with 11 other authors. My time to chat is at 6:30 p.m. I'd love for you to register at Coffee Times Romance so you can join me in the chat. I've only chatted a couple of times anywhere, and I have a bit of anxiety about being the hostess for 30 or so minutes. I mean after I write, "Please buy and download my book", what else is there? Well, we're supposed to put in an excerpt also. That will take up some time. And I get to tell you how you can win some free stuff including (thank you, Persica) a monogrammed bag. And I guess I could tell the joke about the snail. Then I might have to type in "Bueller, Bueller" a few times because nobody will answer me. Then I'll play with the emoticons for a while. They're fun if not abused too much.

There is a rhythm to chatting in a chat room that I haven't mastered yet. If you've ever chatted, you probably know what I mean. You read something. You are in the midst of typing a brilliant response and by the time you get ready to hit "enter", the subject has changed. ARRRGGGHH!

You see how pathetic I have the potential of being? So, please, register at this site and then join me for my scheduled chat. I can't think of anything sadder than being in a chat room by myself. It sort of defeats the purpose of the chat. 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 27th.