I met several people at the Dogwood conference that I had only known through the internet. It was pretty amazing to put faces to these names. Though I have corresponded with her and read her blurbs and seen her books, I finally met Maddie James in person. She's a member of the KYOWA writing group, but I'd only seen her occasional comments on our loop.

I want you to jump over to my myspace at
and look at my updated profile. Listen to the gorgeous song there. I first heard that song on Maddie's space and just fell in love with it, but never could find it any where. I just happened to check tonight and I found it, so I quickly put that baby on there. Well, the song just didn't quite go with my Wonder Woman theme so I had to find wallpaper worthy of the song.
I have also posted a new "about me" excerpt from my second published book called "The Preacher's Boyfriend." Let me hasten to add this isn't a biography. I don't write biographies because, honestly, I don't think my life is that interesting. It's good. It's blessed. I love it, but it's probably not worth someone paying $19.95 to read about. Heck, call me up. I'll give you the story for free! But a love story with strong comedic elements? Now there is something that I think is worth paying for.
I witness too much tragedy in real life to subject myself to it in between two covers of a book. Oh, there's the occasional classic, intellectual, or historical read here and there. And, certainly, I do enough serious reading in my day job, but in general, I love the escapism of fiction. I just really need that happily ever after.
Back to Maddie. She was at Dogwood. And, boy, is she dedicated. Though she was stuck in Kansas City or some other far off destination at 10 p.m. Friday night, she did make it in time to do a workshop for us by Saturday morning. Maddie has written several books, including her latest release which is called "Blue", published by Resplendence. You can hop on over to Maddie's website to learn more about her.