It's a small world after all

For some reason, I have been having bouts of nostalgia lately. Could this be because twenty years ago I graduated from high school? I'm not nostalgic about high school, but I have been thinking a lot about my college days.

Perhaps this is because not too long ago I was at Taco Bell. We have been having some of those blackberry winter days, so I had my soft pullover with the Wesleyan College logo on the front (tastefully stitched, of course!) The young lady taking my order asked me, "Is that Wesleyan College in Georgia?"

"Why, yes, it is." I was pleased and surprised. "Do you know someone who goes there?"

"No," she replied. "They've been sending me some information on it. Is it a good school?"

How did I begin? My back straightened in pride. Memories zipped through my mind like happy meteors flying across the nighttime sky.

"Yes. Yes, it is a good school."

"What about their journalism program?"

I thought of Anne Cordeiro who graduated with me and the last I knew was a newspaper reporter. I thought of a stance she took while we were there, and pride swelled up in me again.

"I can't say how it is now, but I know I graduated with someone who went into journalism. I received a great education there. I loved it."

So much more I wanted to tell her. The memories that were there waiting for her to make. But there was a line behind me of hungry people wanting some faux Mexican food.

Twenty years ago I stood among a sea of eighteen year olds in dark green caps and gowns. There were over six hundred of us. I don't remember who spoke at my high school graduation or what was said. I just knew I had decided what and where my future would be for the next four years. I had some ideas about what I might do after that.

But what I didn't realize is how great it was going to be. I didn't realize the friends I made in that first year of Wesleyan would travel with me despite time and distance. I remember with fondness STUNT, RAT, the fountain, Persons, the lake, the cabin, and I guess somewhere in there I did have some academic learning.

However, I will also say, despite Dr. Crisp's best efforts, I still struggle with commas and semi colons. Just ask my editor. She'll tell you.

When I went to Wesleyan's 15th reunion last year, I saw a lot of people I graduated with that I haven't kept up with. Yet, I wept with happy tears when I saw they had gained as much weight as I had (joke). No, my tears were because here we were fifteen years later with careers and families (and in Cindi Costello's case, a big honkin' expensive house). We had made it! In our time of study and fellowship and growth, we had dreamed of growing up and being Wesleyan women. And we had done that.

It was awesome. It is awesome.