TSTL-here we are again with this foreign language that I know less of than the Greek and Hebrew I wrestled with in seminary. I don't use acronyms much. I definitely do not use the term "LOL" in my emails because, honestly, I don't think that many things are worth the "LOL" or "ROFLOL" or "WMPILSH" or "DIHAL?"
What do these mean? I'm sure you know some of it.

LOL-laugh out loud.
ROFLOL-rolling on floor laughing out loud
WMPILSH-wet my pants I laughed so hard
DIHAL?-Do I have a life? (Because if I did, I wouldn't be wasting my time thinking up stupid things like this to write in my emails.)
Oh, and the TSTL? Too stupid to live. Not a very flattering thing to have someone say about me or any of my fictitious characters. Not that anyone has said that, but just in case they did I might have to KSB (figure that one out. Here's a hint, first word is "Kick")
People, if we are truly clever, must we use these terms? Because, I'm reading your emails, and they aren't really that funny. Now the PEEPS peep show picture a friend recently sent me-that's funny. It's on my pictures section, if you want to see it. Dilbert-also funny. Me seeing any movie with Jean Claude Van Damme or Ice T-also very funny, (and very unlikely). But you talking about DLH? (which I think stands for "Dear Loving Hubby") not that funny. Or maybe it is funny. It reminds me of a joke I once heard.

Here are some acronyms that go through my mind as I surf the net, thinking up ways to publicize my book. And if you have any ideas, please of how I can get the word out about my book let me know.

GL!DTPLOTIOW?-Good Lord! Do these people live on the internet or what?
W!AEFSACWTGMAM$-Wow!Another Email from some African country wanting to give me a million dollars.
NIDNIDHIWBITSIMHAIAC-No, I don't need internet dating. However it would be interesting to see if my husband and I are compatible.
OC! MHWTKWHGEFSSWNC-Oh, Crap! My husband wants to know why he's getting emails from some single woman named Candy!