Beyond the Dream

There's a movie starring William Hurt which is called "Broadcast News." In the movie, the character played by Hurt says, "What do you do when your real life exceeds your dreams?" The man he's talking to says, "You keep it to yourself!"

I can't say I remember much about that movie, but that exchange has really stayed with me because it is how I feel at times about my own life. What do you do when your real life exceeds your dreams? And here I am living mine-husband (no, he's not Rick Springfield; he's better), children (yes, I used to dream of having my own kids when I was a kid-maybe so I'd have someone to boss around), a vocation I love (I don't even have to iron my dress on Sunday morning because my robe covers it), and now my passion for writing which is being affirmed by the publishing industry, or at least by one publisher in particular, The Wild Rose Press.

Wild Rose has offered me a contract on my book "The Preacher's Boyfriend"!!! I am just thrilled to overflowing.

So, here I am William Hurt ruminating on the keyboard-what does one do when real life exceeds her dreams?

No, I won't keep it to myself. I will throw my arms wide, inhale the precious air of this world into my lungs, and shout aloud my gratitude, joy, and love to a world who made room for my dreams to be reality and especially to the gracious and giving God who created in me a passion to write and has humored me thus far in my pursuit of writing romance in addition to Sunday morning sermons.

Thank you!!!