Where is Barry!?

Alright. Who did it? Who took my Barry Manilow cd? I need a fix here; and the case is EMPTY! I have looked in every cd player, every nook and cranny where I stash cds and the man in no where to be found.
It all started when one of my sissies (college friends - we refer to each other as sissies to "redeem" the word sissy) said she wanted her character name to be Lola. So, if you have any Barry appreciation in you, you know what song then began playing in my head.
Well, I've settled for Journey and keep looking in more and more less likely places for that round disk to be. I've not gotten desperate enough to check the freezer yet, but by tomorrow it might get to that.
I am in the editing process now with MY editor (she, she referred herself as MY EDITOR) even though it sounds very pompous for me to say she is MY EDITOR; and I'm pretty sure I probably share her with others. But her name is Corinne; and she is very nice. She doesn't seem to hold it against me when I write "look" forty thousand times in one chapter.
God is good; and I appreciate that God is humoring and indulging me in this fun endeavor.