Last night I received a call from a call from a desperate mother. She needed someone to watch her kids because she had a job interview she had just found out about. Frantic. That was her tone of voice. Was there any way I could help her out?

Well, sure. She's a church member, so I thought I could consider it pastoral care. Any, really, what's two more? I was forgetting, of course, that the two more are 3 and 1. My kids are older, and therefore, a bit more self-sufficient. Still, they could pitch in, right? This works well for the three year old. The one year old just wants those pesky older kids out of his face. There is crying. Wow. I'm really out of practice here.


I was present at this baby's baptism. In fact, I did this baby's baptism. I, along with the gathered church, promised to nurture this child, to teach him about the love of Jesus Christ. I consider helping his mom out every once in a while part of his nurture. While we're hanging out, I'll bounce my sermon ideas off of him. I'm considering if him falling asleep during my homily means it is so soothing that it helped him sleep or it was so boring it helped him sleep.

Uh oh. More crying. Gotta go.